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Medications like Viagra and Cialis are intended for men for whom lack of erection is a physiological problem, due to things like aging or the effects of diabetes. They’re not intended to be used for men whose partners simply want more sex than they do. (And I think it’s perhaps worth looking at what that … Продолжить читать "penis pump63002"


Keep in mind that with your glass and metal toys, you can pre warm them in a glass of warm water, in the shower, or in your hands and if you’re into a chilly reception, you can cool it down by using a few cubes of ice!My high end favorite in this category is the … Продолжить читать "dildos37802"


«At one point, he went through her purse and got some texts that were positive for his case and negative for hers. And he was completely calm when he explained to her that all is fair in love and war. He’ll do anything, and he’ll justify it. Offer is available to new subscribers only. To … Продолжить читать "dildo79959"

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That moment was OURS. It seriously felt like there was nobody else around, time froze for a moment, and that everything was suddendly alright. I still remember the clothes she and I were wearing. Gretchen also brings up cool psychology 101 concepts («Are you a marathoner or a sprinter? An abstainer or a moderator?») that … Продолжить читать "cock ring62152"

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Perfect attendance not. Speaking of Metro, the Washington Examiner has a story about Metro board members and attendance or rather non attendance at board meetings. Kytja Weir reports that the board’s highest paid director, vice chair Marcell Soloman has missed more than half of Metro’s board of directors’ meetings since January 2009.. Ever since the … Продолжить читать "adult stores near me6822"

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Most days, I have the oatmeal for breakfast and take a yogurt and piece of fruit on the go with me for snacks later. I run to the grocery for skim milk, light bread, and a variety of items to make light dinners. In a pinch, I rely on low cal frozen meals. In addition, … Продолжить читать "horse dildo13275"

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Where to go:It is, of course, only one «free» day, but the May Day Bank Holiday can be a prime starting point for a foray abroad, because it rolls into view just as Europe is warming up but at a moment when schools are tied to the desks. Make haste, then, to Greece, where the … Продолжить читать "sex toys29230"

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Ms. Gough provided a convincing portrait of a textbook depressive in London, which made sense but also felt monotonous. Her Harper now shimmers with wit and the promise of a buried resourcefulness. Because of the length, it may not be comfortable for extended wear. Used in a harness it is easy to maneuver and control. … Продолжить читать "g spot vibrator3340"

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Telling someone to shut up or giving them dirty looks is not kind or caring. If this is about her feeling she likes sex best when you do most of your verbal communicating before any kind of sex or after, she can say that, and you can work with that and talk about the things … Продолжить читать "dog dildo76857"