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Viral Launch attributes Viral Launch of course deals more than market intelligence per se. It is a complete analytics program to be exact. Here are its features:

Item Discovery
This’s the Amazon goods finder. It allows you to look for untapped markets, obtain product opportunities. You can get real time historical data on Amazon’s goods catalogs. This way you can get more accurate sales estimates.

Industry Intelligence
This’s a product analysis tool that will help you find out historic trends and the place that the market is it. You can view the data, check out the cost and sales trends. It’ll also enable you to compute the upfront investment needed as well as the potential profit.

Search term Research
This device works to take away all the guesswork in your SEO. If you enjoyed this information and you would such as to obtain more information pertaining to viral launch review launch fba calculator (go to this site) kindly go to our webpage. Take advantage of their relevancy and other filters. You are able to find plenty of keyword phrases that your competition have failed to use. Additionally, it features a totally free listing builder.

Search term Manager
Naturally, you want something more than simply a tool to find keywords. You likewise need to recognize the analytics of keywords and in addition keep track of the feedback. This is what the keyword director is about.

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Listing Analyzer
This tool will help you discover listing improvements that you can make.

Listing Builder
This tool helps you develop keyword lists which will have the foremost influential and keywords which are important for the product which you wish to add in for a product campaign.

You’ll notice four Viral Launch pricing tiers that you can choose from. Each of them of course includes different capabilities. Here are the rates tiers:

Newbie: $42/month The newbie tier of course is perfect for starters who are currently searching for the first few products they wish to promote from Amazon. This is probably the most affordable account that you can setup.


Industry Intelligence
Item Discovery
Competitor Intelligence
Product Idea Scores
24/7 buyer support

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