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What about the Kissable Body Paint? Amanda (Secret) says: The Kissable Body Paint by Fun Factory is an elegant alternative to messy low line products that just cannot accomplish what it does. It is packed beautifully, available in three flavors, and is so easy to use. Enjoy less mess and more time drawing, painting, writing, … Продолжить читать "horse dildo89999"

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Whoever said it to you? They might just be full of it. Okay, if not exactly full of it, not thinking it through or choosing their words carefully or thoughtfully. Maybe they have selectively forgotten their own life experiences or are projecting their own experiences unto you. Rose, if you are taking your pills according … Продолжить читать "male sex toys89286"

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Listening to the joyful birdsong as the Earth begins to warm and return to full fertility I am once again empowered to redouble my efforts to direct my efforts to being sure my health inside is as balanced as I wish my outward world to be. Recycling, advocating, buying practices are a great outward exercise … Продолжить читать "sex toys6892"

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Communication in sex works best when it direct and verbal. When something feels good, you can encourage and validate whatever it is that your partner is doing. When something doesn you can tell them so. If so, I guess I’m not sure what you mean by trying to classify him in some way. What it … Продолжить читать "cock ring40785"

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Lastly, I think the idea that when we choose to be sexual with someone else, we «lose» something is pretty crummy. When we choose to share our sexuality with someone else who also wants to share theirs with us, we are creating something which did not exist before, not losing something or taking something away … Продолжить читать "horse dildo75767"


Alma. Janine. Dolores. Being glass, this dildo is unyielding and heavy. The weight is actually nice when it somes to the use because it just feels good to have that mass knocking into my pspot. I was actually surprised to find that despite the weight of this thing, I can actually walk around without it … Продолжить читать "vibrators50381"

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Maybe he isn’t engaging in any exploitation based on your age difference. But we also have to be smart and exercise a sound amount of doubt to consider that none of those things are true, and he’s been well aware of the risks he’s been having you take; aware that some of his choices have … Продолжить читать "horse dildo89590"

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It’s also problematic from another standpoint because it’ll absorb toy cleaners without washing them off completely putting chemicals near your skin and because you can’t simply wipe it off to dry it. You’re then stuck with the choice of putting it away damp and risking mold and mildew or trying to find a good place … Продолжить читать "g spot vibrator77357"